Graduate Admissions Information

Applicants for admission to graduate study in chemistry and biochemistry must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in chemistry or its equivalent. A formal application is required for admission to the degree programs of the Graduate School. Admission to the Graduate School is granted by the graduate dean on the recommendation of the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Admission is based on an assessment of the student’s potential for performing satisfactorily in the graduate program. Several types of information are used to make this evaluation. They include:

Scholastic Record
Applicants should arrange with each institution previously attended to have official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work sent to New Mexico State University.

Letters of Recommendation
Letters of recommendation are submitted directly by the referee through the graduate school’s on-line application system after the student has submitted an application.

*The GRE Exam is no longer required*

TOEFL Scores
Foreign applicants should have TOEFL scores sent to New Mexico State University.

Financial Support

New appointments begin with the fall semester, but some domestic student appointments also begin with the spring semester.  All first year Graduate Students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry receive financial aid in the form of a Teaching Assistantship. Continued support in successive years is dependent upon performance. Financial support is available to graduate students in chemistry through numerous teaching and research assistantships, as well as federally supported traineeships and fellowships. Stipends change frequently to keep pace with the rising cost of living and are competitive with other universities in the region. Stipend increases are also given as the student makes progress toward degrees. Other benefits include Health Center services and low-cost insurance.

Tuition Fees

Exceptional applicants are automatically entered for an Enhancement Award to completely offset the cost of tuition. Otherwise, teaching and research assistants pay in-state tuition. Other awards, assistantships and fellowships are available to new and current graduate students. Please visit for more information. Female international applicants may also consider the PEO International Peace Scholarship. Outstanding new applicants will be nominated by faculty for fellowships by March 1st so apply early!