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Professor Nicholas Beltran receives Mentor Award



Faculty Mentor Nomination: Nicholas Beltran

Growing up, I never had a mentor in school. There was no teacher or adult who really believed in me or motivated me. It wasn’t until I met Professor Nicholas Beltran that I felt true support or empathy from someone. My biggest dream is to one day pursue a career in forensic science. For that reason, I am double majoring in chemistry and criminal justice. However, during my first chemistry lecture at NMSU (New Mexico State University), I realized that my skills in the subject were not where they needed to be. For that reason, I began to feel insecure and discouraged. During this time, I was even encouraged by another faculty member to drop my major. However, instead of dropping my major, I switched to one of Professor Beltran’s lectures. It took one of his lectures to make me truly fall in love with chemistry. I had never realized that the subject could be viewed in such a fantastic light. He brings so much life and joy to a subject that is boring to many. Before meeting him, I had never felt the need to persevere. But after meeting him, he has given me so much courage and help that I don’t want to give up. I now realize that I made the right decision in choosing chemistry as a major. It was because of his encouragement that I have not and will not give up on my dream.

Priscilla Baeza

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BBL_headshot.JPG Congratulations to Sarahi Enriquez for being honored with the prestigious 2023 Diversity Award from the chemistry department. Her remarkable dedication to fostering diversity, inclusion, and equity has made a profound impact on our academic community. We applaud her outstanding achievements and the positive change she has brought. Well done, Sarahi, on this well-deserved recognition!

Award-picture-2.JPGCongratulations to Godwin Teye for receiving the prestigious Merit-Based Enhancement Award in 2023 from the chemistry department. This well-deserved recognition reflects Godwin's outstanding dedication and hard work. His commitment to excellence and innovative contributions have significantly impacted the field of chemistry. We are proud to have him as a valuable member of our academic community. Keep inspiring others with your remarkable achievements!