Live Cell and Super Resolution Imaging Laboratory

Live Cell and Super Resolution Imaging Laboratory, Foster Hall: In 2017, the New Mexico INBRE purchased an Andor Dragonfly imaging system that affords imaging modes not available with the instruments within the CURRL laboratory or anywhere else outside of the UNM campus. The instrument (along with a post-acquisition image analysis workstation) is housed within a 600 sq ft BSL2 Laboratory. The imaging system has the following components:

  • Olympus IX83 inverted microscope stand
  • Andor Dragonfly confocal system
  • 6 laser lines (405, 445, 488, 514, 568, 637)
  • OkoLab Stage top microscope incubator (for imaging at mammalian physiological- and subambient temperatures)
  • FRAPPA head
  • Fusion software (to drive the microscope)
  • ExCite wide field LED epifluorescence light source


The imaging workstation is one of the fastest systems on the market, and can afford rapid three and four dimensional fluorescence imaging. The system has the following capacities.

  • Spinning disk confocal microscopy
  • 6 channel Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy
  • deconvolution microscopy
  • photoactivation and photobleaching
  • Single Molecule Super Resolution Microscopy (dSTORM)
  • Super Resolution Radial Fluctuation (SRRF-Stream) super resolution microscopy