Mammalian Cell Culture and Microscopy Facility


Mammalian Cell Culture and Microscopy Facility, 3rd Floor Chemistry and Biochemistry Building: 
  • 2 6 ft NuAire Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets
  • 2 NuAire CO2 water-jacketed incubators
  • An Olympus table-top microscope
  • Automated cell counter
  • Refrigerator, -20oC and -80oC freezers
  • Water bath incubators
  • Zeiss Axioimager Z1 motorized microscope equipped for phase and epifluorescence microscopy, equipped with:
    • XCite LED epifluorescence light source
    • Apotome 2 structured illumination module
    • Axiocam 506 B&W CCD camera
    • Photonics Evolve EMCCD camera
    • Zen Pro software